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5 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month 2023 in your Workplace

LGBT Pride Month takes place every June across the world, in celebration of self-identity, inclusivity and equality. The event also identifies cases of discrimination still rife in society, to hold Governments, businesses and other leading organisations to account for perpetuating homophobic beliefs.

In 2023, many companies will celebrate Pride Month virtually as they have embraced home working. With an online LGBT speaker, you can continue to support your lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees and give back to the community.

Why Celebrate Pride at Work

There are several reasons to celebrate Pride Month in your workplace. From increasing inclusivity to retaining talented LGBTQ+ employees, progressive companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets due to the benefits of diversity.

The current generation of consumers are significantly more morally conscious, and regularly hold businesses to account for their stance on social issues, like homophobia. With LGBTQ+ people making up a significant portion of your customer base, celebrating Pride proves to people that your business is worthy of their investment.

5 Ways to Celebrate Pride in the Workplace 2023

Read our top five ways to make your LGBTQ+ Pride celebration an impactful event.

Organise a Charity Fundraiser

One of the best ways to celebrate and support the Pride initiative is to put your money where your mouth is. Though changing your brand’s social media icon to a rainbow flag takes a public stance, it should be followed by action that makes a genuine impact, or it could be considered performative.

Organising a charity fundraiser for such LGBTQ+ charities as Switchboard or Stonewall will unite your workforce under a common cause, and give back to such important organisations. If your company is not in the position to invest financially, consider giving your time through volunteering opportunities and raising awareness.

Book an LGBT Speaker

Hiring an external speaker to discuss their experiences as an LGBTQ+ individual will empower and educate your staff. Take Kellie Maloney, for example. Her story of boxing promoter turned transgender champion has made Kellie one of the most high-profile LGBT speakers available to book. Kellie’s speeches reveal the hardships she faced while coming out as a transgender woman and the importance of inclusivity.

Top Pick of LGBT Speakers for 2023:


To find the perfect speaker for your event, contact a booking agent.

Host an Inclusion Workshop

Another important event to include in your June calendar is an inclusion workshop. These hands-on training sessions are often led by an external professional, and teach attendees how to facilitate LGBT equality.

For your lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees, these workshops ensure that their colleagues understand the correct terms to use and how to manage pronouns, to improve inclusivity. Hosting a training workshop will position your company on the right side of history.

Evaluate Your Discrimination & Diversity Policies

A successful workplace is a mosaic of different experiences and identities. Including people of various races, genders and sexualities, such companies enjoy more diverse contributions and increased innovation. To reduce the impact of implicit bias on your hiring process, evaluate the success of your diversity initiative and improve where necessary.

Despite the benefits of a diverse workplace, people from different backgrounds are often at a higher risk of discriminatory behaviour, whether intentional or not. Due to this, you must also have an efficient and strict discrimination policy in place, that protects your LGBTQ+ staff.

Decorate Your Office

Finally, why not decorate your office? Hanging rainbow flags and banners will not just celebrate LGBQ+ Pride Month, but increase employee morale and take a stand for equality. Such a visual representation of your support will make your LGBTQ+ employees feel represented.

A workplace must be a safe place for staff to be open about their identity.

How to Book an LGBT Speaker

The easiest way to book a Pride Month speaker is with a bureau like the LGBT Speakers Agency. Our team of professional booking agents have hired leading orators for events across the globe, making them well adept at serving your virtual or in-person occasion.

To find out more, contact our team either by phone, on 0203 9816 295, or through our online contact form.

Alternatively, why not hire a selection of diverse and talented entertainers to help you celebrate Pride Month 2023? Take a look at Champions Music & Entertainment’s lineup of the official top 10 music acts and entertainers for LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2023 and hire an entertainer with them today!

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