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5 Reasons to Book an LGBT Speaker for your Corporate Team

LGBT speakers are a vital addition to all inclusion-themed events, as their empowering insight leads to improved team harmony and increased innovation. When employees feel an equal sense of belonging, workplaces report raised productivity and lower turnover, findings that indicate the key reasons to book an LGBT speaker.


In this post, we explore the benefits of booking an LBGT speaker, and how you can secure a leading orator for your corporate event.

Represent Your LGBTQ+ Employees

Over a third of LGBTQ+ staff reported hiding their sexuality at work through fear of judgement, with 18% experiencing negative comments from their colleagues. This can leave employees feeling unseen or unwelcome, leading to decreased workplace performance and wellbeing. LGBT speakers use education to increase unity within a team, by empowering LGBTQ+ employees and educating their straight counterparts.


Instil an Inclusive Culture

Diversity alone is not enough, businesses must also cultivate an inclusive environment for employees of all races, genders, ages, abilities and sexualities to thrive. LGBT speakers supply powerful techniques for cultivating an inclusive culture, like strengthening workplace policies and celebrating people’s differences. The key benefit of booking one of these orators is their dedication to equality, which they instil in audiences.

Increase Profitability

Diverse companies report higher innovation than their competitors, which leads to a 19% increase in revenue. Such increased profitability is credited to the untapped potential in employees of different identities and sexualities, as they can supply a new perspective on customer engagement. Consumers range in demographics, so an LGBT speaker can teach audiences how to best appeal to their diverse client base using the strengths of their employees.


Inspire Self-Confidence

LGBT inclusion in the workplace leads to improved self-confidence, decision making and ultimately performance. Particularly relevant for team-based or customer-facing roles, these speakers encourage LGBTQ+ employees to value their unique contributions, leading to visible results. A confident workplace is more likely to try new things and support one another through adversity.

Retain Talented Employees

Employees who do not feel included in their workplace are 13 times more likely to quit their role. Compared to the costs of hiring and training a replacement, it is within a business’s best interests to retain talented employees by valuing inclusion. LGBT speakers aid in just that, by ensuring all employees feel respected and appreciated for their diverse contributions.


How to Book an LGBT Speaker

The inspiring Kellie Maloney is available to book for your event, where she can share her transgender journey and educate attendees.

With an agency, booking an LGBT speaker could not be simpler. Our team of experienced booking agents have hired powerful orators for virtual and in-person events across the globe, a feat that has made us one of the UK’s leading bureaus.

For a comprehensive guide to hiring an LGBT speaker, read our post, How to Organise Inclusion Training & Book an LGBT Speaker.

To book an LGBT speaker for your event or inclusion training workshop, contact the LGBT Speakers Agency either by phone, on 0203 9816 295, or via our online contact form.

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