How to Organise Inclusion Training & Book an LGBT Speaker

Inclusion defines the feeling of togetherness, of respecting one another’s differences not as weaknesses, but as sources of innovation. Therefore, a diverse company that does not nurture an inclusive culture may put its LGBTQ+ employees at risk of discrimination.

Your LGBTQ+ staff can supply a unique perspective on a wealth of topics, but only if they feel comfortable coming out. As 35% of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people reported hiding their identity for fear of judgment, it is within a business’s best interests to break the cycle and value inclusion in the workplace.


Read our how-to guide for booking an LGBT speaker and employing inclusive workplace practices, to set a precedent for your entire business.


How to Organise LGBT Inclusion Training

Read our top tips for organising such an impactful event below.

Step 1. Identify Areas of Improvement

If you wish to organise diversity and inclusion training for your workplace, the first thing you must do is reflect on your areas of improvement. This may include evaluating your discrimination policies, reflecting on how you have handled reports of homophobia in the past and how diverse your current team is.

It is important to consider the bigger picture when identifying how inclusive your business is. Your female employees may receive maternity leave, but would you grant your transgender staff the same treatment? Does your workplace recognise nonbinary people in surveys and personal files? Such differences can make a huge impact on LGBTQ+ employees’ wellbeing.

Step 2. Plan the Event

Next, you can plan your event, keeping in mind what you wish to achieve. There are several considerations when organising an internal corporate event, including budget, date and whether it will be virtual or in-person.

Start with a simple checklist, then decide the priority order and budget for each step, like how much you can spend on a venue. Keep your options open in case you need to make any last-minute changes – the team here at The LGBT Speakers Agency can help with any issues that may arise during the booking process.

Organisational Factors Include:

  • Virtual or In-Person
  • Budget
  • Audience Size & Demographic
  • Venue
  • Date & Time
  • Theme
  • Purpose

If you are organising a virtual workshop, read our ultimate online event planning checklist with our helpful PDF download.

Step 3. Book an LGBT Inclusion Expert

The most impactful inclusion workshops are led by dedicated LGBTQ+ experts, who are highly experienced in engaging audiences of all backgrounds. They often use their own experiences to instil a new perspective in audiences, sparking change and inspiring action.

Shaun Dellenty is an award-winning LGBT speaker who specialises in educating audiences. Cited as one of the first openly gay primary school teacher, his engagements explore his experience of homophobic bullying and the importance of LGBTQ+ education. As a corporate speaker, Shaun engages with attendees to inspire acts of allyship.

To book an LGBT speaker, read our guide below then contact our team.

How to Book an LGBT Speaker

With diverse companies reporting 19% increased innovation, discover how to book an LGBT speaker below and maximise your company’s potential.


Step 1. Consider Your Requirements

The first step to booking any speaker is to consider your requirements. This will ensure that you fully understand your event’s needs, making the booking process quick and simple.

A bureau like The LGBT Speakers Agency will not just supply a selection of speakers based on these requirements, but will also help you visualise your event’s targets. So, whether you have a firm idea or are open to suggestions, our team can help.

Step 2. Browse Our Selection

Now, you can browse our selection. Each of our profiles includes a comprehensive biography of the specific speaker and additional media, like published books and videos, allowing you to quickly learn who they are and whether they would be suitable for your event.

If you already have a speaker in mind, our team will accommodate, but if you require some guidance, a booking agent can suggest orators tailored to your needs.

One of our most popular LGBT speakers is the transgender champion, Katie Neeves. The award-winning photographer turned proud LGBTQ+ equality campaigner is regularly booked to discuss the importance of inclusion, and how her own journey to self-acceptance can be a lesson to us all. She is an outstanding corporate speaker – a booking opportunity not to be missed!

“Katie has been a joy to work with for our session at Aviva. Katie talked to us about her own transition along with tips on good allyship. The session was really well received, and we had lots of good questions and feedback. Katie’s sessions are filled with lovely humour making the audience feel at ease. I would love Aviva to work with Katie again and I cannot recommend her sessions highly enough. Thanks again Katie.”


Step 3. Contact a Booking Agent

The final step to booking an LGBT speaker is to contact an agent here at The LGBT Speakers Agency.

Getting in touch could not be easier, we have a direct phone number, dedicated email address and a simple contact form – each method takes your request straight to our expert team of booking agents.

From there, we will discuss your brief and budget to understand your event’s needs, before supplying a selection of appropriate speakers for you to choose from. From invoices to accommodation and travel, our team will then manage every stage of the hiring process, allowing you to book with confidence.

To book an LGBT speaker for your event or inclusion training workshop, contact the LGBT Speakers Agency either by phone, on 0203 9816 295, or via our online contact form.

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