LGBT History Month

Everything You Need to Know About LGBT History Month 2023

In the diversity and inclusion calendar, LGBT History Month is the celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender achievements throughout history. As such accomplishments are often unrecognised by the educational system, organisations need to educate their members and employees during LGBT History Month.

Read our latest post to learn what LGBT History Month is, why it is important, and how to celebrate!

What is LGBT History Month?

LGBT History Month is an annual event organised by the UK LGBT charity, Schools OUT. It recognises the current struggles faced by the LGBTQ+ community as well as events throughout history that have shaped society today, like the Stonewall Riots.

The achievements of LGBTQ+ figures are often overlooked, particularly in the school curriculum. In response, LGBT History Month aims to recognise the sacrifices made by the community which have led to historic milestones like the decriminalisation of homosexuality, in 1967.

Source: Parenta

How did LGBT History Month start?

LGBT History Month was first coined in 2005 by Schools Out UK. For over 15 years, the event has raised awareness of LGBT issues and recognised the historic events that deserve more recognition, particularly in schools.

Source: UCU

Why is LGBT History Month important?

There are many reasons why LGBT History Month is important. From school to business, national to global politics, each sector benefits differently from the annual event. Discover why LGBT History Month is important in the workplace, below:

  • Remember those across the world who live without rights
  • Learn about historic LGBTQ+ figures and events
  • Encourage inclusivity and understanding in the workplace
  • Remember how far we have come in the fight for equality
  • Build a better world for young LGBTQ+ professionals

When is LGBT History Month 2023?

LGBT History Month takes place from the 1st to the 28th of February 2023.

February is a poignant month in LGBT history. It was chosen for LGBT History Month to coincide with the abolition of Section 28 in 2003, a policy that prohibited the “promotion” of homosexuality.

Source: The Pride Shop

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What was the theme of LGBT History Month Last Year?

The theme of LGBT History Month 2022 was ‘Politics in Art’.

The theme referenced art in the national curriculum and celebrated the many achievements and contributions of LGBTQ+ artists. In the fight for equality, art has served as an emotive communicator, a representation of the LGBTQ+ community’s struggles against homophobia.

This LGBT History Month 2023, continue to recognise the creativity, imagination and innovation of LGBTQ+ creators throughout history.

Source: LGBT History Month

What is the theme of LGBT History Month 2023?

The theme of LGBT History Month 2023 is ‘Behind the Lens‘. This theme will celebrate LGBT+ people’s contribution to cinema and film, recognising the work behind the lens of everyone from directors and producers to costume designers and make-up artists.

How to celebrate LGBT History Month?

Each February, it is important to celebrate LGBT History Month. Though the event takes place once a year, the lessons learned during the month will be relevant throughout the year. Below, we at the LGBT Speakers Agency have hand-selected our favourite ways to celebrate LGBT History Month in the workplace:

  • Host an LGBT History Month Quiz – This fun activity will teach your employees about important events in LGBT history.
  • Donate to Charity – From bake sales to sponsored activities, a fundraiser for such LGBT charities as Stonewall will unite your corporate team.
  • Improve Your Discrimination Policy – Meaningful action starts with your business. Protect your LGBT employees and improve your discrimination policy.
  • Make a Diversity Pledge – Is your company diverse enough? Make LGBT History Month the turning point for your business and pledge to be more diverse.
  • Hire an LGBT Speaker – If you wish to host an inclusion workshop or conference, book an LGBT speaker for LGBT History Month 2023.

Speakers for LGBT History Month 2023

The best way to recognise the achievements and struggles of the LGBTQ+ community is to hire an LGBT speaker. These insightful figures can discuss their personal experience of discrimination, educate heterosexual audiences and relate to the LGBT community.

If you wish to organise an inclusion conference or workshop, an LGBT speaker will make a meaningful impact on all in attendance. With their message of acceptance, your guests will be inspired to recognise LGBT history every day of the year.

Top LGBT History Month Speakers for 2023 Events:

  1. Gareth Thomas – Rugby Legend Named the Most Influential Gay Person in the UK By The Independent
  2. Inga Beale – Named on the OUTstanding LGBT Power List & Lloyd’s of London’s 1st Female CEO
  3. Jake & Hannah Graf – First Transgender Couple in the UK to have a Baby
  4. Katie Neeves – Founder of Cool2BTrans & Award-Winning Photographer
  5. Nicola Adams – First Openly LGBT Person to Win an Olympic Boxing Gold Medal

To hire an LGBT speaker for LGBT History Month 2023, contact the LGBT Speakers Agency today via our online contact form, or call a booking agent directly on 0203 9816 295.

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