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10+ LGBT Speakers for Pride Month 2023

Pride Month is an essential opportunity for businesses to recognise their LGBTQ+ employees and celebrate love in all its forms. Peaceful protests, marches and corporate events serve to honour Pride Month, taking a stand for diversity and inclusion.

Organising an LGBTQ+ Pride Month event will position your company on the right side of history. Our LGBT speakers are the perfect addition to such events, as their empowering insight into the community and personal stories leave audiences with a newfound perspective.

With education at the core of their speeches, these orators have a resounding impact on a business’ inclusivity. Learn about the importance of Pride Month and the best speakers to book in this post, from a leading LGBTQ+ speakers bureau.

When Is Pride Month?

Pride Month takes place from the 1st of June to the 30th of June.

The month was chosen specifically to commemorate the Stonewall Riots, which took place in 1969 and sparked the LGBTQ+ equality revolution.

Source: BBC

What Is Pride Month?

Pride Month is an annual celebration of LGBTQ+ equality. Every June, organisations across the world come together to both celebrate Pride and recognise the LGBTQ+ discrimination still present in society. The event is an opportunity to honour, educate and take to the streets of major cities to enjoy the rainbow-themed Pride parades.

The event also reminds business leaders to reflect on their discrimination policies and make meaningful changes to their workplace culture to protect their LGBTQ+ employees.

What Is the Origin of Pride?

When the Stonewall Inn was raided by police in Manhattan in June 1969, the LGBTQ+ community took to the streets to protest the homophobic attack.

Within less than a year, multiple LGBTQ+ activist groups formed across New York, and Pride Month was coined.

Since then, the event has grown into a global celebration of love, equality and individuality.

Why Is Pride Month Important In the Workplace?

There are many reasons to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride, both in the workplace and in our everyday lives.

In a report, 25% of LGBTQ+ employees admitted they would stay in a role because it had an LGBTQ-inclusive work environment, so business owners must cultivate an open and respectful culture to retain talented staff.

Celebrating Pride Month sends a clear message to your staff that you support them and their identities. Read our guide to celebrating LGBTQ+ Pride Month in your workplace, to find out more.

Top Speakers for Pride Month

Discover our top pick of LGBT motivational speakers for your Pride Month event.

Bobby Berk

Star of Netflix’s Queer Eye and esteemed interior designer, Bobby Berk is an LGBT speaker of many talents. Candidly discussed on the Emmy award-winning show, he experienced extensive homophobic abuse due to his sexuality, an experience that Bobby shares with captivated audiences at events. Bobby teaches audiences the importance of holding open, honest discussions with the LGBTQ+ community.

Michelle Visage

We recently had the pleasure of personally interviewing Michelle Visage, hear her thoughts on rejecting gender binaries and the importance of education in our exclusive clip.

Michelle Visage shot to fame on RuPaul’s Drag Race as a quick-witted and honest host. She has also co-hosted RuPaul: What’s the Tee? and won several awards, including the Straight Ally Award in 2015 and Attitude’s Ally Award in 2020. Michelle is a passionate LGBTQ+ ally, so uses her speaking engagements to promote the importance of respecting one another.

Gareth Thomas

Regarded as the first openly gay rugby union player, Gareth Thomas showed incredible bravery to come out in such a typically masculine profession. Aside from his sporting track record, which included scoring four tries in a single match and being one of Wales’ highest try scorers, Gareth is a powerful LGBTQ+ campaigner and speaker. His advocacy was recognised with the Stonewall’s Hero of the Year Award and a CBE in 2020.

“I thought I would just let you know that our event was a huge success! Gareth was a fantastic speaker and an all-round lovely guy. The feedback from my colleagues was all very positive, one even said that he was the best speaker we have ever had! Now the challenge is to find someone just as good for our November event.”

PGIM Real Estate

Katie Neeves

We recently had the pleasure of personally interviewing Katie Neeves, hear her experience of coming out as transgender in our exclusive clip.

Following a successful career as one of the UK’s greatest photographers, Katie Neeves came out as transgender aged 48. She later founded Cool2BTrans and became Champion of Pride 365 Certified in 2020, marking her commitment to LGBTQ+ activism. Katie is passionate about improving corporate inclusivity for the community and uses her speaking engagements to educate business leaders.

“Katie has been a joy to work with for our session at Aviva. Katie talked to us about her own transition along with tips on good allyship. The session was really well received, and we had lots of good questions and feedback. Katie’s sessions are filled with lovely humour making the audience feel at ease.

“I would love Aviva to work with Katie again and I cannot recommend her sessions highly enough. Thanks again Katie.”


Nicola Adams

Nicola Adams was the first openly LGBTQ+ person to win an Olympic Gold medal in boxing, a testament to her history-defining impact. Listed on the Independent’s 101 Most Influential LGBT People, her empowering speeches discuss the importance of LGBTQ+ representation in sports. Nicola was also named one of the UK’s Most Eminent Lesbian and Bisexual Women, making her a highly sought-after LGBT speaker.

“Fantastic! Nicola was open, honest and inspiring. It went amazingly well, and we can’t wait to have her back.”

Macquarie Group Services

Nigel Owens

Upon coming out in 2007, Nigel Owens became the first openly gay rugby referee, the impact of which earned him a place on the 2017 Pinc List of leading Welsh LGBT figures. As a patron of the LGBT Centre of Excellence Wales, Nigel has worked extensively with essential organisations to improve support for the community. When booked for events, Stonewall’s Gay Sports Personality of the Decade is an empowering presence.

“Please can you extend our thanks to Nigel for today, everyone really enjoyed the session.”

Merlin Homes

Juno Dawson

Using her literary works to transform perceptions of the LGBTQ+ community, Juno Dawson is a transgender advocate and outstanding motivational speaker. Her global bestsellers, including Clean and This Book is Gay, explore such topics as gender and identity to empower young readers. In recognition of her books, she received the 2014 Queen of Teen award and the 2020 YA Book Prize, a testament to her industry-leading talent.

Charlie Martin

Patron of Mermaids and Stonewall ambassador, Charlie Martin is a transgender champion. She aims to become the first transgender competitor at the Le Mans 24hrs, a history-defining achievement that would change the world of motorsports forever. At her speaking engagements, Charlie empowers audiences with her sporting feats, inspiring people to shatter glass ceilings within their industries and prioritise inclusion.

“We’ve received some amazing and highly positive feedback. Engagement across the business was 96% for #ASOSFOL, which we wouldn’t have been able to achieve without you being part of it.”


Billie Jean King

Billie Jean King is both a gender equality advocate and an LGBTQ+ campaigner. She shot to fame during the Battle of the Sexes, where she beat Bobby Riggs in 1973 and proved that men and women’s tennis requires equal strength and talent. Billie was inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame, International Tennis Hall of Fame and Gay Hall of Fame in celebration of her achievements, making her instantly recognisable at Pride Month events.

Kellie Maloney

We recently had the pleasure of personally interviewing Kellie Maloney, hear her thoughts on the importance of supporting transgender people in our exclusive clip.

After making a name for herself as a boxing promoter, Kellie Maloney publicly transitioned, a feat of bravery and self-belief. As discussed in her documentary, From Frank to Kellie, and autobiography, Frankly Kellie, Kellie’s journey is a lesson to us all – being true to yourself is more important than fame or funds. She was later named Transgender Champion by Glamour, reflecting the powerful impact Kellie leaves on audiences at events.

“Thank you so much for speaking with us today, it was truly a great experience. You were very candid and very open with some very painful experiences. It takes a lot of bravery and strength to stand up in front of an audience and be unashamedly yourself.

“You allowed us to see a tiny part of your life, but what a life and what a story. I, personally, cannot wait to see the next chapter and I am looking forward to seeing more in your film when it is completed. Your passion is your gift. Thank you for sharing it with us all.”

First Advantage

Jake & Hannah Graf

At Pride Month events, Jake and Hannah Graf share their story of becoming Britain’s first transgender parents. The LGBTQ+ power couple has rewritten the age-old rule book for family, marriage and parenthood, proving that love comes in many shapes and sizes. They are patrons of Mermaids, an LGBTQ+ charity, and were named the UK’s Most Influential LGBTQ+ People, reflecting their authority at events.

“Listening to Jake and Hannah’s story and having the opportunity to watch Jake’s film was educational, emotional and enjoyable. Huge thanks to them for their honesty, openness and for being their authentic selves.”


Inga Beale

Aside from being Lloyd’s of London’s first female CEO, despite the business’s 328-year history, Inga Beale is also a powerful advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. Openly bisexual, she started Pride@Lloyds, a resource group for LGBTQ+ employees, and at events shares the importance of supporting all members of a corporate team. Inga was also the first female and bisexual person to top the OUTstanding & FT Leading LGBT Executive Power List.

“Your speech was well received and brought the perfect synergy to our group. It was very interesting hearing about how you overcame adversities and your accomplishments. We have received amazing feedback, particularly on your openness in owning, and learning from your experiences.

“I believe your story will have a lasting impact and will serve as an immediate benefit to our BRGs. Again, thank you and we hope to have the opportunity to work with you on future events.”


Book a Pride Month Speaker

To book an LGBT speaker for your Pride Month event, contact a booking agent either by phone, on 0203 9816 295, or via our online contact form.

A booking agent will discuss your requirements and supply a tailored selection of speakers, as well as a free quote. Enquire today to secure an inspiring LGBT speaker this June, for Pride Month.

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