Fox & Owl Fisher

Writers, Filmmakers & Non-Binary Trans Activists


  • Co-Author of ‘Are You A Boy Or A Girl?’
  • Awarded the British LGBT Award for Outstanding Contribution to LGBT+ Life
  • Awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Brighton for raising awareness of transgender issues in the UK and beyond


  • Founding Member of HIN
  • Board Member of Trans Iceland
  • Named as one of the BBC’s 100 Women for 2019

Discover Fox & Owl Fisher’s biography of published work below.

Trans Survival Workbook
Trans Survival Workbook
The Trans Teen Survival Guide
Trans Teen Survival Guide

When Fox & Owl Fisher is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

The power of radical vulnerability and being yourself, and how that can help you thrive in all other areas of your life
A personal talk about our lives as trans people, and how we met and relate to each other, despite coming from very different backgrounds
Inclusion, media representation and the importance of diversity and intersectionality

Fox and Owl Fisher (otherwise known as Ugla Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir) are partners, writers, filmmakers and non-binary activists. Together they are changing society for LGBT+ people, raising awareness of transgender issues and discrimination that continues to face the LGBT community. Co-authors of the Trans Survival Workbook and the Trans Teen Survival Guide, Fox and Owl champion support for the LGBT community, ensuring a more diverse and inclusive world for all.

Owl, otherwise known as Ugla, is a leading non-binary trans activist who was named as one of the BBC’s 100 Most Influential Women of 2019. She was one of the founding members of HIN– an organisation created for the queer people of Northern Iceland, Chair of Trans Iceland and Education Advisor of Samtökin ’78 – the national queer organisation of Iceland. During her time at the forefront of Icelandic Transgender rights work, Owl helped to develop the Gender Autonomy Act, improving the rights of trans and non-binary people in Iceland. She has also been a Board Member of The International LGBTQI Queer and Student Organisation.

Fox Fisher has also established a reputation as a powerful trans non-binary activist, famed as a Trustee of Trans Pride Brighton and the author of Am I A Boy Or A Girl? They have been named on the Pride Power List and the Rainbow List, along with being awarded the British LGBT Award for Outstanding Contribution to LGBT+ Life. They have also been the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Brighton for raising awareness of transgender issues in the UK and beyond. Fox has also worked on illustrations for the Skittles’ Pride Collection and worked on the My Genderation film project.

Both successful in their own rights, together, Owl and Fox make a powerful and inspirational pair. Pushing the importance of representation, Fox and Owl ensure that LGBT+ people are heard loud and clear. Ensuring that LGBT+ people have equal rights and support, Fox and Owl are pioneers of a more inclusive world for all. When looking for experts on diversity, inclusion, transgender rights, LGBT+ rights and anti-homophobia and transphobia, Fox and Owl are now available to hire as LGBT+ speakers on their passions. Covering topics such as the power of radical vulnerability, lives as trans people, inclusion, media representation and intersectionality, book Fox and Owl Fisher for events themed around equality and LGBT+ rights.

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