Juno Dawson

Role Model for Stonewall & Author of Best Seller: This Book is Gay

  • Role Model for Stonewall
  • Author of Global Bestsellers: This Book is Gay & Clean
  • Winner of the 2020 YA Book Prize for Meat Market
  • Winner of the 2014 Queen of Teen Award
  • Columnist for Attitude Magazine

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This Book is Gay
This Book is Gay
Say Her Name
Say Her Name
What is Gender? How Does it Define Us? And Other Big Questions
What is Gender? How Does it Define Us? And Other Big Questions

When Juno Dawson is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

The LGBT+ Community
News & Media

International bestselling author, Juno Dawson is transforming perceptions of the LGBT+ community through her literary work and media engagements. As a transgender woman, Juno has dedicated her career to supporting others struggling with their sexuality and gender, particularly young people in the community who benefit from her as a role model. As a speaker, Juno explores how workplaces can become more inclusive, the benefits of authenticity and her inspiring story.

Best known for her work as an author, Juno established herself as a leading children’s writer before she transitioned to female and has maintained her position in the category since. The wordsmith behind global bestsellers ‘Clean’ and ‘This Book is Gay’ Juno is commended for her use of LGBT+ characters and ability to engage younger generations in the complex themes of gender and identity. In 2014 she was awarded the Queen of Teen accolade for her impact on writing for young people.

Knowing from an early age she was born into the wrong body but conflicted with how to proceed, Juno continued to live as a male, having a successful career as a teacher followed by the explosion of her literally career, publishing the likes of Hollow Pikes and Cruel Summer. In 2015, after years of inner turmoil, Juno announced she had begun transitioning into her authentic self.

Documenting her transition in the public eye, Juno wrote a regular column for Glamour Magazine, the first of its kind, in a bid to improve education on the topic. She has since featured in dozens of media outlets including Attitude Magazine, BBC Women’s Hour and ITV News. In 2020 she won the YA Book Prize for Meat Market and is a role model for Stonewall LGBT+ charity. At events, Juno relates her experiences to corporate clients and advises on improving inclusion.

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