Laila El-Metoui

Founder of Pride in Education & Stonewall's Lesbian Role Model of the Year 2020

  • Founder of Pride in Education & Educating Out Racism
  • Equity and Belonging Consultant at LelmEducation
  • Set Up the Proud London Councils Organisation
  • Stonewall’s Lesbian Role Model of the Year 2020
  • Named on the Guardian Pride Power List 2021, at No. 81

When Laila El-Metoui is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

How to Foster Belonging in the Workplace – Understand Theoretical Framework Behind Belonging & Gain Practical Tips for Fostering a Greater Sense of Employee Belonging in the Workplace
LGBTQ+ Language & Inclusion
Intersectionality for Senior Leaders
Imposter Syndrome

Inspirational Equity and Belonging Consultant, Laila El-Metoui has been promoting greater acceptance for the community in education, businesses and society for over 25 years. An award-winning role model, Laila combines personal experience as an Arab lesbian, with industry-leading strategies to champion more inclusive teams and environments. As a speaker, Laila paints a vision of the benefits of eradicating discrimination, and then gives audiences the tools to action such change, with long-lasting positive results.

Dedicating her career to educating on LGBT+ rights, Laila is the Founder and CEO of Pride in Education, Educating Out Racism and an Equity and Belonging Consultant at LelmEducation. Through these roles, Laila has established LGBT+ training and support in school curriculums, held conferences that promote inclusivity and provided a queer education for hundreds of clients. As a business owner, Laila has also publicly pledged her commitment to greater inclusion in the workplace.

Alongside her career, Laila supports several organisations that work towards the same cause. Currently, she is the volunteer chairperson for Proud London Councils a group she formed to engage the local council’s LGBT+ employees and she previously co-chaired the LGBT+ Staff Forum for London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Laila has played an integral role in Queering the ESOL curriculum in the UK. She is an active member of DiverseEd and runs a workshop on How to Foster Belonging in the Workplace, teaching audiences how to understand the theoretical framework behind belonging and practical tips for a greater sense of employee belonging.

Honoured as the Stonewall Lesbian Role Model of the Year and named on the Guardian Pride Power List 2021, Laila’s impact on the LGBT+ community and beyond has been influential. Her commitment to representation is nothing short of remarkable, and as a respected educator, she continues to provide essential talks and workshops on terminology, inclusion and diversity. In 2021 Laila was nominated for the Unsung Hero Award at the DIVA Magazazine National Awards. As a speaker, Laila is booked for her expertise on everything from diversity to inclusion and race equity, all of which she is comfortable and confident in delivering talks and training on for corporate audiences.

Official Testimonials

Laila El-Metoui is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

” We’ve had extremely positive comments from everyone at the company. Lots of eye-opening statistics and perspectives were shared and Laila lead the conversation brilliantly. Thanks again for connecting us and we’d love to have Laila back in the future for another session. “

Mia, Proxymity

“Thank you SO much for yesterday! It was brilliant, we’ve had such good feedback from everyone who was involved. It was really informative, engaging and fun – but also really eye opening, and has been a brilliant educational piece for us whilst we celebrate Pride. It was exactly what we hoped for, so thank you so much.”

Lucinda, Lucid Group

“Thank you so much for the session today! We are receiving wonderful feedback, especially from our Working Parents Group. We had 56 participants at the peak whole we expected 30-50 people, and most people stayed engaged throughout, which is difficult to sustain on Zoom… Again thank you for this discussion, I feel like we are leaving the world slightly better than it was this morning, one discussion at a time”

Nicolas, Qualtrics

“We just finished a really fantastic session with Laila. Just wanted to feedback that we’ve had extremely positive comments from everyone at the company. Lots of eye-opening statistics and perspectives were shared and Laila lead the conversation brilliantly. Thanks again for connecting us and we’d love to have Laila back in the future for another session.”

Mia, Proxymity

“Thank you very much for recommending Laila, she was frankly excellent. The session was interactive, reflective and very informative and people felt comfortable to join in.”


“We have just wrapped up our talk with Laila- which was brilliant! Very informative and engaging. Some feedback from the end of the talk:

Thank you so much Laila, this was very enlightening! Brilliant talk.

Really thought-provoking and fun too. Thank you so much, Laila.

Thank you Laila and to those who organised this session! Very useful and informative.

Please do pass on our thanks to Laila for such a fun, engaging and insightful quiz and talk.”

Jessica, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Dogs Trust

“Thank you for your responsiveness and adaptability in organising this speaker event. I have already received really positive feedback from the attendees, who have all learnt a lot throughout the session. Laila was clearly an expert in the field, and could answer any questions that were asked. The presentation she delivered was really dynamic and interactive, the attendees particularly appreciated the use of the Kahoot quiz. Laila’s positive energy and passion for the topic made the whole session captivating, and she succeeded in engaging the audience from start to finish. We look forward to having her in the office again in the future. We will be in touch for future bookings!”

Bianca, Recruitment Coordinator, AlphaSights

“Thank you for connecting us with Laila. She was an absolute gem, and we had a very interactive session.”

Zahra, EMEA Office Manager, Highspot

“We are so grateful to Laila for coming to the session… we have received lots of positive praise from people who found Laila really engaging and the quiz and videos were particularly thought-provoking and entertaining”

Lucy, Admin Apprentice, MJ Hudson

“I just wanted to thank you for your presentation at Mention Me this week. I had to rush off to another meeting so didn’t get to thank you at the end, but I absolutely loved it. It felt like it was a fabulous education in some of the foundation blocks of diversity and privilege. I personally learned a lot. And you delivered it in such an engaging way. Absolutely brilliant. I’ve suggested we get all of our new joiners to watch the video of it as part of their onboarding”

Andy, CEO, Mention Me

“I could not finish my day without sending a note of thanks to you for your wonderful session today! As I said on the call, you learn most when the topic is enjoyable and today’s one-hour with you was both hugely enjoyable and hugely enjoyable! You made the content accessible and relevant, and your positive personality flowed throughout the session and allowed us to feel fully engaged on this important topic. I’ve taken loads of notes to think about again, but I have two favourite moments from today. The first was around privilege and the ‘Wheel of Power/ Privilege’ – I have never seen this (sensitive) topic dealt with so deftly, and in such a non-confrontational way – that was very powerful. The second was around your very final remark – ‘we are not looking for agreement, we are looking for acceptance’ – that too, was a wonderfully strong statement, which will allow those with strong anti-LGBTQIA+ sentiments to move beyond ‘agreement’. Thank you again for the generosity of your time and support for our Xpression 3rd birthday event.”

Brendan, Kainos

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