Marty Davies

Founder of Smarty Pants Consultancy, Joint CEO of Outvertising & Placed Among Pink News’ Top 21 Activists of the Year 2023

  • Co-Founder of Trans+ Adland
  • Founder of Trans+ History Week
  • Campaign Magazine’s first transgender columnist
  • Regular Contributor to QueerAF and DIVA
  • Named one of Campaign’s 10 industry trailblazers 2023
  • Featured in Forbes, GayTimes, Pink News, HuffPost, The Times, NBC News & UN
    Women’s Unstereotype Alliance initiative

When Marty Davies is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

40 Years of Queer Ads
Going Woke, Full Throat
Designing for Diversity of Gender, Sex and Sexual Orientation
The Trans+ History Lesson We Never Had
Attention Seeker
How to Use Both Resilience and Vulnerability to Create Change
Cultivating a Culture of Compersion

Marty Davies stands as a luminary in the LGBTQIA+ community, embodying a blend of creativity, advocacy, and leadership. Known for their vibrant and unapologetic approach, Marty has been established as an award-winning creative strategist, campaigner, writer, and a thought-leader in the advertising industry. Marty’s journey began with a vision to reshape the narrative of inclusion, leading to the founding of Smarty Pants Consultancy in 2018. This venture, initially focusing on customer activation and retention, has not only garnered recognition for its innovative use of AI but has also been instrumental in generating substantial revenue for its clients. Marty’s prowess and impact were further solidified with accolades like being named one of Campaign’s Future Leaders in 2022 and a Campaign Trailblazer in 2023.

The evolution of Smarty Pants Consultancy mirrors Marty’s deepening commitment to LGBTQIA+ inclusion. Over the past year, the consultancy has pivoted to assist brands and agencies in integrating LGBTQIA+ inclusivity authentically in their creative campaigns and product designs. Beyond consultancy, Marty’s influence extends to their role as the Joint CEO of Outvertising, the advertising industry’s LGBTQIA+ advocacy group, and as Co-Founder of Trans+ Adland. Marty’s efforts in these capacities have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by their commendations at the PinkNews Awards 2023 and the Media for All awards, celebrating their relentless pursuit of LGBTQIA+ representation and inclusion within the advertising sphere.

2023 marked a significant milestone in Marty’s career, as they became Campaign Magazine’s first transgender columnist. Marty’s viral article on the funding of LGBTQIA+ hate crimes through ad spend was a wake-up call to the industry, highlighting its complicity in the wake of the tragic murder of trans schoolgirl Brianna Ghey. This event propelled Marty to lead a critical initiative during Pride Month 2023 through Outvertising. She galvanised over 120 organisations, including industry giants, to take a stand against the backlash faced by Trans+ talent in advertisements. This campaign not only garnered significant support but also led to major media agencies committing to divest from media outlets propagating disinformation, a move recognised by PinkNews with a Charity/Community Group of the Year nomination.

Marty’s influence extends beyond the corporate world into cultural activism. She regularly contributes to QueerAF and DIVA, exploring queer history and culture. Marty’s latest initiative, the introduction of Trans+ History Week, is set to launch in May 2024, marking another significant stride in their activist journey. The initiative, supported by influential organisations like Stonewall and Queer Britain, underscores their dedication to educating and empowering the community. Marty’s tireless efforts have rightly earned them a place among Pink News’ top 21 activists of the year and as one of Campaign’s 10 industry trailblazers in December 2023. Marty Davies is not just a keynote speaker; she is a beacon of hope and change in the ongoing quest for LGBTQIA+ equality and representation.

Official Testimonials

Marty Davies is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“We were lucky enough to have Marty speak on a panel about allyship at Havas. Marty
offered genuine, heartfelt insight into the trans experience in advertising – highlighting many of the challenges and opportunities within the industry. Importantly, Marty shared some simple first steps for making our trans colleagues feel safer and more welcome in the workplace.”

Rosie, Chief Impact Officer, Havas UK

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