Michael Johnson-Ellis

Surrogacy & Fertility Treatment Advocate & Founder of TwoDads.U.K

  • Co-Founder of TwoDadsUK.com
  • Co-Founder of My Surrogacy Journey
  • Launched The Modern Family Show
  • Awarded one of the 22 Purple Plaques by the Census21
  • Awarded The Surrogacy Professional of the Year Award 2019

When Michael Johnson-Ellis is booked for events, they are known to discuss the following speaking topics:

Gay Parenting
Family & Parenting
Things Not to Say to a Gay Parent
Fertility Treatment
Sperm & Egg Donation
Journey to Parenthood via Surrogacy
LGBTQ Parenting

Michael Johnson-Ellis is a leading surrogacy and fertility treatment advocate, who founded TwoDadsUK.com and My Surrogacy Journey to spread awareness of the importance of surrogacy for LGBT+ couples. A pioneering member of the LGBT+ community awarded The Surrogacy Professional of the Year Award, Michael is also now booked as a speaker for LGBT themed events, covering topics such as gay parenting, diversity, fertility treatment, the journey to parenthood via surrogacy and LGBTQ+ parenting.

Passionate to promote same-sex families and provide information to LGBT+ couples wanting to start a family, Michael and his partner Wes co-founded TwoDadsUK.com– which today is one of the UK’s leading brands associated with same-sex families and surrogacy and the UK’s leading organisation for gay couples seeking a surrogate. Michael is also the co-founder of My Surrogacy Journey, creating an inclusive space for members to share guidance and support for those going through the journey of surrogacy.

Michael is also the co-founder of The Modern Family Show, the UK’s only family creation show that is specifically tailored to LGBT+ parents and families. Covering everything from fostering and adoption to co-parenting, fertility preservation and surrogacy, The Modern Family Show is a testament to Michael’s passions to create a more diverse and inclusive world. As a speaker, Michael passionately shares his advocacy for fertility treatment and surrogacy, formerly having been invited to speak in the Houses of Parliament by the All Parliamentary Group in regard to the Surrogacy Law Reform.

Having supported hundreds of parents throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Michael was awarded one of only 22 Purple Plaques from Census21. Now booked as a speaker for a range of LGBT themed events, Michael is the perfect choice as a speaker to discuss LGBT+ parenting, fertility treatment, surrogacy and diversity. Having supported over 300 intended fathers in their journey to become parents, Michael uses his speaking engagements to raise awareness of the importance of surrogacy for same-sex parenting. Having had a child born via surrogacy, Michael is able to share his first-hand experience when speaking on the topic. Having previously worked with the likes of Save the Children, Vodafone, Audi and Sainsbury’s, Michael Johnson-Ellis is a seasoned speaker and a fantastic choice for LGBT events.

Official Testimonials

Michael Johnson-Ellis is regularly booked to engage audiences at events, read their latest feedback below:

“Thank you so very much for joining BAE Systems’ Talking with Pride webex on LGBTQ+ Parenthood, your talk was an inspiration to me as well as many of my colleagues on the call. Having 100+ attendees is an enormous achievement and rare in our company, so that speaks to the value you brought to a topic that is incredibly important and poorly understood.

Your story brought me to tears as it highlighted the challenges faced, and still being faced, by our community. But it also brought me to tears because you represent to me what is possible – a family life accepted by society. This, alone, is something I cannot be more grateful to you for.

I have already had numerous colleagues messaging me expressing their thanks to you, so please allow me to reiterate them.

It would be brilliant to partner with you more in the future as BAE looks to improve its internal policies and I hope we can remain in contact and seek your advice and guidance as we progress. I know you will be the first on my list to contact as and when I embark on the parenthood journey myself J.

Finally, people like you with such a good heart and an undeviating steadiness of purpose rarely get the recognition they deserve. As inconsequential as it may be, please know that Rebekah and I think you’re simply amazing and that the changes you have already enacted in UK policy are life-changing.”

Ben, Ethics Manager, BAE Systems

“Having recently been working with Mike, I have seen his huge passion for and understanding of fertility recruitment. Our work together showed me his methodical approach to effective problem solving. Mike is an honourable and respectful businessman. His open and honest approach helps him successfully build lasting relationships and I am pleased to have him as a contact in the industry”


“Michael is an excellent communicator, networker and relationship builder. He has always demonstrated his experience and knowledge of the markets he manages. He has the ability to build strong teams, who deliver results and enjoy working for him… he is motivational and inspirational- a pleasure to work with”


“It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Mike… Mike is a fabulous presenter, an inspiring mentor and above all his passion for the healthcare sector and intricate knowledge of the framework make him invaluable to any organisation”

Debbie, Optimisation Implementation Lead at NHS Business Services Authority

To enquire about Michael Johnson-Ellis for your event or corporate function, simply contact us via agent@lgbt-speakers.com or call a booking agent on 0203 9816 295.