Riyadh Khalaf

YouTube Sensation & Author of A Gay Boy’s Guide to Life

  • YouTube star with over 380K subscribers
  • Appeared on the likes of Celebrity Mastermind, Celebrity Masterchef¸ and The One Show
  • Hosted the documentary Queer Britain
  • Published his debut book Yay! You’re Gay Now What? A Gay Boy’s Guide to Life in 2019
  • Hosts the podcasts Obsessed with… Normal People & Unexpected Fluids

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Yay! You're Gay! Now What? A Gay Boy's Guide to Life
Yay! You’re Gay! Now What? A Gay Boy’s Guide to Life

Riyadh Khalaf is a world-famous social media influencer and LGBT+ activist who is best known for his successful YouTube channel where he regularly details his experiences with sexuality. From traumatic homophobic attacks to his everyday life as a gay man, Riyadh is determined to normalise same-sex relationships in modern society making him one of the best LGBT speakers on the circuit. When booked as an LGBT speaker he can give an honest and intimate portrayal of life as a gay man explaining his own sufferings and how he is striving for an equal society.

Over the years his YouTube channel has acquired millions of views and tens of thousands of subscribers with his unique content making him one of the best-known faces in the industry. From here he began working on some of Ireland’s biggest radio and TV networks including 98FM, Spin and RTE. In 2016 he moved to London to become the video producer for MailOnline. As his YouTube presence continued to grow, he was asked to front BBC Three’s six-part documentary series Queer Britain which saw Riyadh investigate what life is like for the gay community. As well as this he’s hosted his own podcast, worked as a reporter during London’s Pride coverage and made appearances on the likes of Celebrity Mastermind, The One Show and was the winner of Celebrity Masterchef.

Born into an Irish/Iraqi family, Riyadh struggled with his sexuality when growing up, worried that he would be ostracised if he came out. Unfortunately, when he did find the courage to reveal his true identity, he was met with homophobia by family members who even attempted to enlist him into Syrian conversion therapy. These experiences led him to write the book Yay! You’re Gay! Now what? A Gay Boy’s Guide to Life. The book is designed to help young boys struggling with their sexuality using his own experiences to help others in the same situation he once found himself. When booked as an LGBT speaker, Riyadh’s natural charm and charisma make him a huge hit with audiences who are inspired by his journey time and time again. From campaigning for same-sex marriage in Ireland to his personal experience of homophobia, his speaking topics are incredibly powerful.

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